Beyond Hysterical Laughter

by Maple Tree   Nov 25, 2019

Hysterical laughter can be heard
within an old Oak tree-

back and beyond the rivers
end, of sparkling tear drops

that have been shed by a woman
with withered fingers, billowy eyes

and nothing left to give but a
sorrowful tissue, drenched in memories;

her soul will never stop
singing with the birds-

crickets dance upon her shoulders
while moss adorns her like a cloak

and dandelions weave tween toes
that refuse to stop walking this lonely

road to wherever life takes her.


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  • 1 month ago

    by C Cattaway

    I read it, yet my mind heard Eleanor Rigby.
    A good write.
    Catherine x

  • 1 month ago

    by Daniel

    This is lovely Andrea. I love the sense of loneliness and self-acceptance. I have a few minor criticisms in the main body of the poem:

    ‘edgy eyes

    and nothing left to give but her
    sorrowful smile that sings sadness

    upon her soul that will never stop
    singing with the birds;’

    I think edgy is an odd choice of adjective, a little unfitting. Maybe it’s the connotations that this word has with me. I think ‘a sorrowful’ is a little more effective than ‘her sorrowful’. The pronoun is a bit superfluous? You also repeat ‘sing’ twice, and I feel you could’ve used a stronger verb to replace the first? I can’t imagine a smile singing sadness upon a soul? It’s very overly worded, and prepositionally off compared to the rest of the poem.

    ‘crickets dance upon her shoulders
    while moss adorns her like a cloak’

    Loveeee this image, though Andrea :)

    • 1 month ago

      by Maple Tree

      Daniel you rock!! I just adore you!! Thank you so much, I was struggling with this poem and it helped to give me some better ideas I feel, thank you <3

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