Ceaseless Seasons

by ddavidd   Dec 18, 2019

is the first day of autumn
and a leaf
revealed to me today:
how heavy the seasons are
on my shoulders
they reminded of the gravity
of all these days I leave behind.

Now in front of me,
a thrown summer
a torn Fall
and I still bear the burden of dragging myself.

Tomorrow the winter will begin
and the spring
will die in the sum of this year,
as if I always am sliding on snow
inflating like a snowball:

do I take the vastness of my whiteness to spring?
are the seasons drowning inside me,
or it is me,
who is seeping into them
like lonely drops upon the parched lips of tomorrows,
enchained by all the seasons I’ve ever lived,
along the sound
of the restless ticking-ticking grave digging
shovels of my heartbeat ?

In the wealth of all these seasons
is there a day that I could,, may behold
through the endless chains
that I have been weaving?
And from the height of all burdens on my chest,
could I ever find a glimpse
to the rush of all the seasons
caring the procession of my life?

I know this winter shall also droop, wither
in the spring in which it has imbued;
the way the summer
amasses autumn
or my mother awaited my wine
and I am looking to my grail
upon the amber resin of the horizon
fossilizing my omnitude.


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Latest Comments

  • 2 months ago

    by Star

    Judging Comment:

    I love how the poem is formatted in 4 parts; like the four seasons.
    The transition from the title to part 1 of the poem, which says that the seasons are heavy. Kind of set me to believe that the seasons here is the mindset, mentality, psychological well being of a person.
    A person goes through their life, experiencing so many things. Part 3 had kept dragging me, like a person is goin into depression and moving out of it in part 4. Or even any kind of hardship in life.

    One interesting thing is the use of autumn in part 1, and Fall in part 2. They could be synonyms, or it could even mean the fall of someone. Which also brings me back to the idea of a hardship which starts in part 3.

    Anyway, this is very thought provoking. And can be interpreted in so many ways.

  • 3 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    So many thoughts reading this! I have kept coming back to this all weekend. I love your voice in this, how each season affects you in a personal way, how each season adds to this heaviness in you, this burden you must carry.

    Your writing is always creative, heartfelt and completely "you" - if that makes sense. I find such purpose and meaning in it, and that's just another reader interpreting and seeing your poem in one light.

    Perhaps this is simply a reflection on how I currently feel, but the seasons seem to pass before we can fully "realize" or enjoy them, and how cliche it is to say "I can't believe it's already this time of year!", but it brings me to the realization how quickly life can pass... and how we can feel overlooked. I did feel that sense of loneliness in this, of maybe being and seeing the aftermath of change. Of knowing we are powerless. Of witnessing and having to accept it.

    Love this beyond words, ddavidd.

    • 3 months ago

      by ddavidd

      Beyond word is good. It is even better than poetry. It means you like my piece in silence. I like silence, the true silence, where you could hear all the words in the world.

      Thank you so kindly. I wrote this in 28 in persian. This was how I shifted the same motion to English though the vision is the same.