My journey into the Magical Wood's

by CRAFTY KEN   Mar 28, 2020

My journey into the Magical Wood's

It was on a balmy autumn afternoon that Sis, and I decided to explore the dense forest behind the new house we moved into that day. Mom, and Dad were giving the horses bales of fresh hay, on our way, a thick mist above the grass did lay, we both giggled as the surprised grasshopper' s fled for their lives!

As we entered a huge stand of oak trees, darkness began to spread all around the ground, I told my sister Jane to stand still, Dad used to tell us stories of when he walked the dense woods of Maine. He would mark trees with white chalk, in order to find his way back to his log cabin shack. Out of her little purse Jane held out a stick of white chalk, I was so happy that I could hardly talk, we moved forward, marking our trail, now at a brisk pace we could walk.

Suddenly we saw a faint glow of light up ahead, once in the site we beheld a wonderland of beautiful colored lights, they were like veils hanging down from the trees, when a tree spoke, we both fell down to our knees. The big tree laughed, and said; you are kids, don't you still believe in Fairy Tales?

Then the whole place broke out in song, the Daisies were swaying, the trees dancing, the birds prancing, parrots talking. A shower of glistening snow flakes descended upon us, covering us with coats that were made of diamonds. We wanted to stay there forever, but the wise old oak said; it will be getting very dark soon, you better go home while you can still see your markers to show the way, besides, you can always come back another day!

As we approached the front porch, Mom, and Dad were gently rocking in their chairs, Dad asked, where have you guys been? I said ; Dad, if I told you, you would not believe me, Dad laughed , turned towards Mom, and said; it so great to be young and filled with wild imaginations? One of the horses tied up at the Barn, turned towards us, gave a big wink, nodded his head up , and down in a "yes" gesture, coincidence, do you think?

Author Ken
March 28, 2020


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  • 1 year ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Lovely to read your work, Ken. Just what the doctor ordered (so to speak) in these rather sobering times.

    Take good care,


    • 1 year ago

      by CRAFTY KEN

      Thanks Ben, so strange that a cough, especially a sneeze can cause so much fear! We are hunkered down in our home in Cape Coral, FL
      We all had the Flu when visiting our daughter in California, we pray constantly for all the people of the world, stay well friend.