What a temper!

by CRAFTY KEN   Apr 5, 2020

What a temper!

You may also call it a tempest! The large kitchen pot was boasting to the little frying pan, he told her; I do much work for the Ma'am, when she walks in, there I am.

Her smiling face reflects on my outer glistening sheen, suddenly, Brutus the tea pot was boiling mad, his anger became a tempest within him, the other kitchen utensils were extremely glad!

You're only good for potluck Chuck, Brutus cried out, with much steam whistling from his spout!

The old large black iron frying pan, had been sleeping way back in the cupboard, he said; I was having such a wonderful dream, I was filled with sausage, scrambled eggs, and hash brown potatoes, now I'm wide awake, and all I hear is Yak, Yak, for goodness sake!

The big fancy carved salad bowl said, boys, boys! When I dress up, many eyes admire me, in a flash my bowl becomes empty.

She said, why don't we all get together and give this household one big fancy party? Brutus said, that is a great idea, I will invite that dear little china teacup.

She always blushes when I whistle at her. The little teacup replied, I love to gaze into your eyes this very hour, but glad that the lights are off in the dishwasher when we both take our evening shower.

Author Ken
April 5, 2020


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