by nourayasmine   Apr 25, 2020

I wonder if death
takes us to the sun.
There, where no living
creature could reach.
Without the burden of our bodies,
we're free, energetic beings,
able to merge with gamma rays
and catch pulsars.

I wonder if death is
a journey around the skeleton
of light, around answered
mysteries, within the atoms
of the air that covers
colossal, unapproachable

If death takes me,
I want to fill this much space
of the universe.


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  • 2 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This stuck with me in a lot of ways, maybe because everyone can have their own interpretation of what death would look like, or what journey it would take us on. For some, it's being wiped away, blankness. But this perspective is almost uplifting. That freedom from a physical form (and the expectations of other humans), able to travel as energy, to understand the air and atoms... that would be mesmerizing in a way.

    There's an eloquence in the last three lines. Not that you're giving up, but that if death takes you, you would make the most of it. I take it as you wouldn't mourn, you would accept your fate and strive to still be present... just in other ways.

    Love the creativity in this, it was refreshing yet dream-like too.

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