29-20 notes

by Rania Moallem   Mar 26, 2020

The sun broke down like honey drips
warming out my soul.
Soaked in sweetness but bare to my soul,
I couldn't move.

I devoured the globe around,
closed my eyes and sniffed the sky.
It was so silent there outside
all the noise hid deep inside.

I poured out the beast in me,
spit some stars and some moons
and as my breath kissed your sighs
I blew some wind in your skies.

Clouds unfolded
and I ran down your shoulders,
on the little mountains above your head.
Beneath your shores, and at your plea
my roots stemmed beneath your feet.

You stood firm by my side,
sometimes I never understood,
but I know I have realized,
unlike my words, from which you escape,
this world had always challenged you.

Today you looked for a phrase,
you searched my lips and my palms,
my eyes were shut and my poker face
alas was of little help,

you ran the fields until you slept.
but in your dreams I came along
I touched your skin with a silent song

and because I know you wanted more,
you wanted all which I locked within,
the earth, the sea, and the galaxy
the scribbles and the gibberish.

every broken promise and my final wish,
everything I hid in me,
you wanted all my poetry
all the love and and all the pain
so I left behind 29-20 notes
on which I only wrote your name.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Star

    The images here are sooo beautiful!!
    The beginning felt so calmingly suffocating uf that makes sense. The sweetness that couldnt be tasted and:
    “ all the noise hid deep inside.”
    The anger held in, the sadness the pain. They’re fighting to find their way out.

    Then they do in the most elegant way.

    This could be be about you as a person, how you may be afraid your love is too heavy to handle.

    Or even being wild with my imagination as the voice of this earth we’re exploiting, and now we’re being punished.

    I may be way iff in both perceptions. Bur I love this :)

  • 1 year ago

    by hiraeth


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