i'll see you in the morning.

by hiraeth   May 1, 2020

and we tire of the echoes of exhaustion
that bleed into the late hours of night,
fertilizing sleep with restlessness.
tonight, we will not dream –
eyes closed, a dress rehearsal for
death itself. we rebel one last time
with a hypnic jerk, the mind racing
to wake one last time but we have
drank each other’s opium –
our hearts, for now, are content,
pulsing songs of the nightingales.
we simmer slowly into sleep.
a rolodex of today’s memories
spin quickly, before you settle
on the sweet nothings that
were said. we settle into
gentle repose, a temporary
state of nothingness,
unseeded randomness.

tonight, we will not dream –
dreams coat the mind in wax,
and you,
you alone –
turn it into a poet.


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  • 11 months ago

    by Rania Moallem

    This hits home.. thank you for sharing <3 much needed and appreciated.