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by hiraeth   May 23, 2020

with time dressing all wounds leisurely,
do you think memories are nocturnal?
emerging only when the night is dark
enough – or do you think a layer of dust
coats everything indiscriminately?
is the story of us a first draft you’d
soon forget, or something you’d
cherish in secret – blooming lilacs,
lavenders, and lilies as obscure
easter eggs for an audience of two?

in life, there are people whose
idiosyncrasies linger with you
till they become a part of you.
some people are greater than
life itself, i know this because
i’ve seen glimpses of it in you.

i aspire to be a permanent
footnote in the story
of you.


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  • 2 months ago

    by Kate

    This. It’s perfect. The title, the emotion, the questions. The longing. Favorited.