by Rania Moallem   May 31, 2020

Let me be empty and still
but full of longing.
Burning my last wicks
to light up the shadowed hours
when once I was loved by you.
Let me wander the lone woods
and take the wrong routes,
let me take the broken boat
and sail into the bottom
search for letters and bottles
that once hovered over the sea.
I am not lost
do not worry.
I am just disowned
reconciled to absence
and at peace with war
but my heart is poked
and I
am incomplete
and I
am homesick.


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  • 1 month ago

    by Violet Raven

    From my perspective your writing is getting better and better. Another poem i truly love.

    The first few lines speak of loneliness but of contentment as well. It's almost like you are saying that you feel comfortable being alone and you are your best when alone.

    You used the last of your energy to try to calm the darkness in your mind? Of the room you slept in? It could be a million different possibilities left to the imagination of the reader themselves.

    Again you continue the story of healing with being alone. I love the description of the lines between the woods and the bottles of the sea. A lot of it kind of reminds me of feeling depressed and feeling like you are at rock bottom but you spin it in a positive way by not saying you are lost but finding yourself in the woods. And the notes you found could possibly be metaphorical notes or poetry you rediscovered.

    In the last few lines you talk of peace within but war is difficult. You are content but not content at the same time. You have happiness but you have been sad for so long that it becomes part of you and

    You are homesick for it. It makes you comfortable

  • 1 month ago

    by hiraeth

    and I
    am in awe.

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