A mask or a memory?

by Courtney Hough   Jul 12, 2020

A mask or a memory?

Such troubling times,
In this world we live.
You all scoff at us,
But we still forgive.

Some say “that’s not real.”
“Stop being selfish.”
I want you to really see,
But it’s only a wish.

“Why aren’t you wearing a mask?”
She says, “I have a medical condition.”
Doesn’t want further questions,
Leave it be and listen.

She really cannot breath,
And let me tell you why.
The mask is the hand,
She remembers her attacker by.

It’s always random,
He still haunts her.
Your face is covered,
But your eyes match her monster.

She begins to breath harder,
Like his weights on her body.
And the store morphs to a memory,
Something so ungodly.

While you belittle her,
She’s starting to get worse.
“Be quiet.” Hand over her mouth,
You made her relive this curse.

With every question,
Of “where’s your mask?”
Or “Don’t you care about me?”
Was the same question she will never ask.

So when you see us in the store,
Do not just assume.
Because we live daily with our monsters,
And we don’t need reminded from you.


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