Im me; a daughter free

by Courtney Hough   Sep 23, 2020

*any typos or errors I’m just frustration writing*

I’m just me,
I don’t try for more.
I’m not your cookie cutter daughter,
Sorry I strive for more.

I don’t fit your mold,
No I never have.
But why,
Why are my accomplishments bad?

I left your church,
But my soul is free.
I’ve found my savior,
And he accepts me.

You say I try to be the pretty one,
No, I am Courtney.
I don’t do makeup for hours,
I’m secure even if not pretty.

You say I wasn’t the best at sports,
Yet collages disagree.
Even if I had to quit,
Because of an injury.

You’re mad at my diet,
“Vegan is a sin.”
Yet you’re the hypocrites,
“Thou shalt not murder.” In for the win.

I tell you I’m promoted,
Vice President of the board.
A real honor,
But to you it’s absurd.

I’m sorry for my success,
For being so in tune.
I guess you don’t know how to act,
When your child does more than you.

Because I live my life,
God dammit I broke down walls.
While you built them back up,
But I conquered them all.

Through suicide, rape, infertility
And so much pain.
You wouldn’t believe me,
Till some else said those were to blame.

My word isn’t good enough,
And neither is my son.
Because I’ll be dead last,
And the golden child won.

But I must say thanks,
One thing you said is true.
I’ll always be different,
And never like you.


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