Musical freedom

by Courtney Hough   Nov 21, 2020

I turn on my music,
And I start to breath.
Transport me,
Help me feel free.

It’s instant,
The feelings all come back.
I can finally hear my soul,
I’m away from noisy attacks.

I feel the meadow on my feet,
The dew falling on my hair.
The sun kiss my skin,
I can see you there.

Your not in my dreams this time,
You’re physically here.
Because that’s what music does,
As it sings in my ear.

The keys are your voice,
The melody is your soul.
Because you’re never really gone,
When the piano is in control.

After time has passed,
It’s time to go home.
Till it’s time to here those chords again,
And not to feel alone.

Because you still live in my heart,
Of course you’re me.
So when the time is right,
And the world is slow...I’ll set you free.


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