Kitchen cravings

by Courtney Hough   Aug 6, 2022

You ever have a craving?
One that’s not good.
It comes knocking once in awhile.
You wonder if you should.

Can I indulge?
No one really knows.
But your mind starts to hiss,
“See what unfolds.”

So you walk to the kitchen,
You look all around.
Until you see it,
The craving can’t be drowned.

“Come on its just us.
They won’t know unless you tell.
So open the drawer,
It’ll make you feel well!”

It’s making sense,
It’s been so long.
As your hand grabs it,
You feel it’s wrong.

The metal…
Oh that precious touch.
You run your fingers on it,
It makes your skin blush.

“Maybe I can.” You say,
“They won’t know unless I show.”
So you stand there holding it,
You want to feel that “glow.”

You remembered the sound,
When you pull it from its place.
It’s sharpness to alluring,
You’re dying for a taste.

You fight these temptations daily,
God, it’s been years.
Can you give in?
Just once? Erase the fears.

Slide it like an eraser,
Erase the mistakes on your skin.
You feel then sensation,
And it feels like a win.

A few little cuts,
That’s all it takes.
Just a few more,
Erase those mistakes.

Let the tears flow with the blood,
Feel the pain setting free.
And when it’s done?
Simply put away the memory.

Close that drawer,
And hide your skin.
Because you gave into the craving,
Your own little sin.


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