To Charlotte

by Courtney Hough   Feb 26, 2021

The time has come,
You’ll be physically here.
So tiny so pure,
Shhhh baby, nothing to fear.

Mommy has you now,
Oh my darling little miss.
I cannot wait to hold you.
And give you your first kiss.

This time has been hard,
And yes mommy knew.
Through all the sickness and pain,
I’d do it again for you.

I hope you’ll feel my love,
And know I’ll give you my all.
So excited for our us time,
Holding my small.

And as you grow little one,
Always remember this.
That mommy’s loved you from day one,
And I’ll seal it with a kiss.

I’ll hear your cry,
And hold you close.
Till then my Charlie remember,
Mommy loves you and Maverick most.


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