by Matt Carroll   Aug 6, 2020

Always the shoulder to cry on, the ears that without judgement listen
The wide eyes that see all of your impulsive, reckless decisons
The hand that helps you back up, the voice that simply pleads reason
That rings true and unfiltered, even when it isn't particularly pleasin'

Always the fall back, the go-to, no matter the level of trouble
The time or the place is irrelevant, he's there and he's at it on the double
Come hell or high water, he's constant, and there's really no denyin'
Whether you need a laugh or reality check, he's out there, he's constantly tryin'

Always with the words that you need, even when you don't wanna hear one little bit
He's someone to come to, with whatever cuz chances are he's likely been through it
The traumatic events, the despair, the anger and everything inbetween
But he puts on this flawless facade, while inside he's just begging to be heard and seen

Always the strong one, the unwavering friend, who's there til the end
But what you don't realize is really he's breaking and his confidence is merely pretend
So remember, you only see what your shown, his interior remains a mystery
Be aware that those who are there for you most, are terrified of being forgotten by history


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