Man enough

by Shining Stars   Aug 19, 2020

But damn it’s so sad-
I almost thought we could fix it.
I had such high hopes;
I was rooting for us.
My friends were rooting for us.
My dad was rooting for us.
But you can’t figure out what you want
and I won’t wait forever-
I already have someone who knows exactly what he wants and I am it;
I should be putting him first.
My heart always did get in the way of my head
and I feel so stupid-
I really thought you would fight for me.
I thought you would kick and scream
and flail and argue-
That you would tell me that I’m yours and
it’s no other way.
That you don’t want me with anyone else because
YOU love ME.
But what’s really sad-
Is that I almost thought you were man enough
to do all that.
But you never were.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Have to put ourselves first simply for preservation's sake sometimes.
    Take care.

  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    Sometimes how we imagine someone is or how they will behave in a given situation bears no resemblence to reality. Does that make them weak for not living up to our expectations or us for being hopeless romantics? Breaking up for whatever reason is hardly ever without tears and recriminations. This poem will resonate with many. Milly x

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