The Master Class

by Mark Spencer   Oct 29, 2020

The Master Class
By Mark Spencer

With death tolls falling by the way
Agendas are revealed
No longer can you hide behind
What pestilence concealed

The ones who call themselves elite
They want to rule us all
They’ve played their hand so skillfully
In plotting our downfall

They’ve separated us by race
By gender and by creed
They’ve chosen who their pawns will be
And sown a racist seed

They’ve covered every single crack
And filled in every groove
But when our back’s against the wall
We’re left with just one move

Or so the master class believes
We’ll fight in scattered groups
And if that is the path we choose
They’ll overwhelm our troops

For troops will never win this war
This takes a subtle hand
You can’t provoke a strong response
And hope to make a stand

You’ll end up like the Alamo
No chance to win the day
The weakness that you think you see
Is merely a display

They could have put the riots down
Without breaking a sweat
They want you to believe they’re weak
And do not pose a threat

But theirs is a united cause
Against divided tribes
You’ll fight just like the Indians
As history describes

The only way to win the day
Is peacefully at first
Until the people can unite
And fates can be reversed!

If a nation is united
They can’t be overthrown
It’s only the divided tribes
The master class can own

The only way to rule a land
Is break it into castes
And if you keep each group apart
Your domination lasts

But were the groups to unify
And rise against their kings
They’d have a better chance to win
And cut their puppet strings

Until that day you’re only pawns
In someone else’s game
Regardless of which side you’re on
Your station is the same

You’ll either stand or bend a knee
They won’t give you a pass
To them you’re just a lowly pawn
While they’re the master class!


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Latest Comments

  • 2 months ago

    by Keira Pickard

    Great poem! It has a very clear message and good rhymes throughout!

  • 2 months ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Nice piece of well written poetry here and one with a message, too!

    Take care

  • 2 months ago

    by Emi

    I absolutely love this. I sent chills throughout my body. I'm not really one for 'conspiracy theories' if you will but I for one believe that the government and papers are in cahoots with what it posted in the news to scare us all as the good news seems to just be a little snippet whereas the bad over 2 or more.

    The part I loved the most and the lines I will take with me will be these.... If a nation is united
    They can’t be overthrown
    It’s only the divided tribes
    The master class can own

    Thank you for sharing this. I truly hope someone nominated as I'm unable to!

    Take care

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