The Privilege of Breath

by IdTakeABulletForYou   Dec 4, 2020

Humans screaming, shrill and scared,
with life to live, death unprepared;
yet here, in comfort, I can stare
and wish for death.

No breath is fair.

For would I trade my place of privilege
with their fear? their cold? their tears?
I ponder, in the warmth of home...
might I be keen to give my years:

to those who lack, by birth or luck?
to those whose back is weighed by ruck?
For naught the heart with which I'm stuck
shall ever love a world so ****ed.

A coward in the way I rest
resentful of a life so blessed,
unwilling to share privileged breath
with souls destined to twine with death.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Nil

    That last stanza really hit, it's hard and yet also so easy to sit in a comfortable home while others are just suffering.

  • 1 year ago

    by Em

    S, it's so good to see a new piece from you. I hope in the scheme of things you're doing OK.
    The privledge of death is such a vivid title and makes you think a lot about life and whether if you died you'd have made an impact on anyone's life and though I may not have made a big impact I have made some... Last week I was taking my nieces to school and an elderly lady taking her grandchildren, I know, asked if I had any change as she'd forgetten her purse and needed some milk, I didn't have my purse but I nipped to the corner shop and bought her milk anyway on my card and yesterday she said I'd made her day that day just goes to show, a little kindness does go a long way!! Sorry, I digress!!
    Wow, what an extremely powerful start. I have been in this situation.. I've felt as though everyone is busy busing their life's around me and I've had no one to turn me, going under, living in my own self pity.. Lost my job because of covid, nearly lost my house and felt no one gave an ounce of a s**t but I pulled my head out the dirt and started doing some courses to better myself because I although I was suicidal, I was too scared to, die.
    No breath is fair.
    This has me asking a lot of questions in my mind.
    I guess in times of crisis and grieve we have always asked ourselves this would we give up our lady breath for someone else's... In times of grieve we have probably all said "I wish it was me" but as sad as it sounds, do we really mean it?
    I feel a lot of hatred towards a lot of things in this and I hear you, I really do. People always wrong the sweetest of us because we wear our hearts on our sleeves, unfortunately
    I absolutely love this ending, I can't put my finger on why but as a whole the full poem flows really well and is brilliant.

    Take care S and don't be a stranger for too long.
    Em xx