Wicked Step-Mother

by Kat   Dec 8, 2020

All these thoughts inside my head
Circling my brain as I lay in my bed.
I thought this would be easier than it truly is
But we are working on having our sixth kid.

At first it was great
then came the hate.
I stayed positive and kept a smile
on my face.

I told him I could handle it
How hard could it be?
Then came the death threats
toward me and my unborn baby.

Four years in, not so easy now, you know?
I've grown resentful and started to hate this place I call home.
Our shared children go without while his flourish.
How long do I wait for my children to be nourished?

Just want to pack it all up and go my own way..
What is the definition of a Wicked Step-Mother, anyway??


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