Beginning to End

by Kat   Dec 8, 2020

She comes home in scrubs
her hair a mess.
It's been a long day,
she can feel the longing in her chest.

Moving away from home seemed easy.
At the time she rightfully thought so.
Though it might sound cheesy,
now she wants to go back home.

But, her belly is protruding,
A new man depends on her too.
A storm is brewing,
longing for a life she once knew.

How could she give up when she has come this far?
Does she listen to her gut or listen to her heart?

Years have passed and she sits at her kitchen table.
Her toddler pulls on her shirt, asking her to watch whats on cable.
She has a ring on her finger, they really pulled through.
She did not think they would make it, But there is nothing that they can not do.


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