Far and Away

by Gracy Judith   Dec 22, 2020

And here we are
coursing upstream and down
on the river of life
unable to time our paddle-strokes and turns
as we make our way towards inscrutable tomorrows--
every inch of us weaving through
unforeseeable bends
and in the sudden rush of tides,
we find ourselves wedged midstream
oftentimes, immeasurably off course,
and drifting towards everything
too loose to anchor us.
And as the hungry-bellied waters rise
we strive to reach the shoreline of our faraway dreams.
Our future, a cipher.
And though the ancient ocean of knowledge
holds everything there is to give,
we are lost way beyond
the ebb and flow of it all…
settling everywhere else but,
where we should

©Gracy Judith


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  • 1 year ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    In these uncertain times, it's writes like this that bring home the calamity of our situation. The metaphor of white water rafting is a good one. None of us wants to drown and we certainly didn't volunteer for certain death, but that's what many of us ultimately fear. I like your format too, it enables certain words to be highlighted, like: 'tomorrows dreams'. Nicely done. I do like a clever poet who likes to display their message uniquely.

    Take care.

    • 1 year ago

      by Gracy Judith

      Thank you Mr Darcy for reading and for your comments.
      Also many thanks for the nomination.

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