by Baby Rainbow   Jan 3, 2021

I know I let you down by breaking all your rules,
but will never be sorry for letting your secret out.
I broke all of your rules, now I am breaking you,
for I built my walls so thick that your threatening screams
can no longer pierce right through them.

You did not break me,
you only left me cracked at the surface,
with an echoing scream of survival
raging through my determined lungs.
I never thought it would be possible
to get over what you did,
but day by day I continue to breathe without you,
and slowly, ever so slowly,
you began to slip out of my thoughts completely.

How does it feel to know I took ownership of being the victim,
removed your tarnished chains from my body,
and now live fearlessly without them.
Your sinking values are drowning in the sea of defeat,
and your hope of destroying me
is vastly burning in the flames of my victory.

It will not be my dreams in ashes on the floor,
not anymore,
not anymore!



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