by Poet on the Piano   Jan 20, 2021

some people can't be
redeemed, no matter how
much distance they cross
to make amends.

i see you slightly shifting -
a ship caught unaware
by a treacherous iceberg.
you change course,
but it's too late.

the glaciers within you
are not receding.

there's not enough
crawl space for bravery

when your heart is

and the oceans you've
passed through
offer safety nets
that keep you from

but I,
don't answer to you

and it's no longer
my concern
if, while you navigate
new territories,

you forget to listen
to the direction of the

and you forget that
the earth has asked
you to remain humble.

there is not enough
breath in my lungs
to hold your cowardice,

and it doesn't matter
what waters you betray

when you never cared
in the first place.


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