Dan's Rabbit Hole

by cassie hughes   Feb 7, 2021

A hole it was, a rabbit hole,
So small and neat and round.
Dan never saw it underfoot
until his toes it found.

Then tumbling to the ground he went
in tangled heap of limbs.
And as he fell a muttered cry
of "Oof!" escaped his lips.

Dan’s pristine uniform now marred
by stains of grassy green.
He knew just what his mum would say
When dirty knees she'd seen.

So limping home, his head hung low
he wove a tale to tell
'bout goblin raiders, gnarly trolls
and vast enchanted dell.

Before his eyes it all took shape
and soon the scene was set.
A goblin king sat on a throne
in cavern dark and wet.

Rough voices echoed round about
within the noisome walls
as orcs of every size and shape
made faces and rude calls.

He found himself then pulled along
whilst bound both hand and foot.
Till thrown down on the rocky floor
and told to "Just stay put!"

The orcish jailers grovelled then
before their ugly king
"See what we bring your majesty."
They gleefully did sing.

"Fresh human meat for you to munch,
it’s young and tender too."
"About high time." The king did grump.
"I'm bored of rabbit stew."

He raised himself to glare upon
the boy down on the floor.
Then turned and shouted out aloud
"Go see if there's some more!"

The goblin rabble snarled and roared
as out the cave they ran.
And Daniel then began to smile
this was all in his plan!

As King returned to throne to sit
young Dan was thinking hard
how he’d escape his nasty bonds
whilst no one was on guard.

He rolled across the cavern floor
his fingers they did grope.
Until they found a jagged rock
with which to cut the rope.

Once hands were free the feet were next
and so without ado
he turned attention to the king
his freedom to pursue.

As 'cross the floor Dan slowly inched
it quickly caught his eye,
the king was dozing in his seat,
now was the time to fly.

So picking up his feet he fled
down twisting, turning ways
until at last the daylight spied
to lead him from foul maze.

As fresh air hit him in the face
his eyes he opened wide.
A hand had grasped his shoulder tight.
He very nearly died!

But looking up he gladly saw
a frowning well know face
This was no goblin come to take
him back to darker place.

"Ah, mum," he gulped as she did glare
upon his grass stained knees
"I can explain, it’s not my fault,
if you'll just listen. Please"

Dan found himself in bed that night
with rumbling, gurgling tum.
She had not liked his goblin tale,
had thwacked him on his bum!

Then told him,"Get yourself upstairs,
"No dinner either youth"
And let this be a lesson, you
should always tell the truth!"

So there he languished all alone,
or so his mother thought.
But little boys have lively minds
and Dan's is of that sort.

His room became a ship to space
And he it's captain bold.
And in it he would fly,
imagination uncontrolled


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Latest Comments

  • 4 months ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    Well done, Cassie. This story of Dan's rabbit hole imagination is truly wonderful.

  • 4 months ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Whoa! Cassie! This is epic! The fantastical tale you've woven with such wonderful personality, rhyme and rhythm of one little boys' vivid imagination is just awesome. This, with illustrations would make an absolutely fabulous children's book.
    I'm in awe. Bloomin' well done! :-) x

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