Living Corpse

by Acacia   Feb 18, 2021

People come and go
A cacophony of murmurs
Strange sounds
Ill-defined shapes
Surrounding me
I am underwater
Drowning in my own
I am lying
At the bottom of a murky pond
The weight
Of the dirty liquid
Pushing down on me
Filling me up with
Secrets and filth
There are moments when
I think it
Would be a relief to drown
For it all to be over
Nobody can see me
Down here
But then, I was always
Rather invisible
The world around me turns
In slow motion
Just out of reach
While I remain perfectly still
Down in the darkness
I am a silent, living corpse


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  • 1 year ago

    by Keira Pickard

    A dark, but great write. It has a chilling title and atmospheric language. Excellent poem, and a belated welcome to poems and quotes!

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