True Love

by Walter   Feb 19, 2021

True love is the sunset, that blends in the sky
Or a river that flows, so gently by
Green grass that is soft, under my feet
Or marshmallows and fire, providing the heat

True love is a Ferris wheel, that slowly will spin
Or at the grand cinema, about to begin
Walking barefoot on sand, down by the sea
Or picking a daisy, that proves she loves me

True love is that song, which you have to sing
Or at the playground, where you would just swing
Flying a kite, you run to keep high
Or waiting for a bus, while playing I Spy

Though I know I'm mistaken, true love is not this
When reliving it now, it's you that I miss
Retracing my steps, where we went around
But each time it's repeated, true love is not found

True love is a feeling, that you will share
Most often with someone, whose always there
If one day you wake up and find they are gone
So too are these feelings, despite hanging on


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