Theories of me.

by Poet on the Piano   Apr 7, 2021

I used to prefer
the art of mastering
with no promise of
starting over.

But lately, I've been
reveling in the outcomes
that could be infinite,
alternate realities
bordering each horizon.

If I could exist,
just, not in this form.
Perhaps in the same body,
yet another state of mind.

I imagine this other me,
who may know heartache
still, but may have a chance
at feeling something, anything, else.

This other me is older
and less reserved,
wearing pigtails despite
the split ends,
fluent in a language few
even bother to study,
challenging gravity,
calling others planets home,
wondering where she
(they) originated.

There are moments
where I vividly dream of dying,
of jumping into an ocean of
varying wavelengths,
unframing time,
erasing the identity I spent
too much time crafting into
symmetrical understandings.

And I wonder if I'll ever
reach that somewhere,
if, even in fragments,
I could travel there

and, if it could be possible,
that I stay, forgoing
the consciousness I
bound myself to.


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