Moonlit Dances

by Maud   Apr 10, 2021

It's another world inside my head,
romantic scenes and massive bloodshed.

A man on his knees
with a white flag and a diamond ring,
singing opera songs while beat boxing.

I don't see the rainbows and butterflies
unless they're barred with black and white
or have exes in their eyes.

Don't get me wrong, my soul is pristine.
I have a way of making everything
mean something more than it means.
A way of taking the ordinary
and making it feel like a dream.

Yet I am just another one of our billions of trees.
Ready to be cut down whenever the man pleases.

A dreamer making memories in a sleazy, dark world;
friends and family looking for that missing little girl.

You can find her if you look,
dancing on the moon.
Convincing the cow not to jump,
telling him he's beautiful.

She's here now but I'm ready to move.
Holding hands with impending doom,
hanging downtown with the blacks and the blues.

We've all got deep wounds.
The type thats not right until you share the news.
Even then the pain is confusing.
I'm losing time
as my mind holds on to all the bruising.

It's a hell of a thing,
the way the monsters sing me to sleep
and the fear keeping sanity at my feet.

There are birds in my branches
mending their wings
and whispering sweet nothings into my ears.

The fears are fading
as my mind is slowly waning.

I'm ready to go dancing,
hold my hand,
it's time for us to jump.


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