Honey-Soaked Mournings

by M. Rene'   Apr 16, 2021

You wake to more than sunlight and compassion -
there is more to the routine than just a pattern.

I wonder if these honey-soaked mornings, these
little starts to something so powerful and potential
might be the saving the world from its own inhumanity
and lack of understanding when it comes to compassion.

If by being conscious about the things we welcome
into our lives and our rhythms we can temper
and tame the indifference, the hate, the shame
that seems to emanate off of so many of us.

If the word “if” even seems to carry enough weight
for the blood we bleed into the streets more often than not -
if there’s enough understanding for the immense beauty
and genuine inspiration that flows from these people you label

“something else” or “other” or even “if” itself.

-M. Rene' AKA SincerelyBlueJay Poetry 2021

I'm tired of turning on the news and wondering if I'm going to cry or ache today because of someone else's ignorance, indifference, and poor manners. This poem summs that up I suppose...


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