The New Band

by Jack   May 4, 2021

The New Band

4 school kids met up
They were all musicians.
They started a band
But under some conditions.

They would all make
the songs and sing.
But one of them
Would be the band king.

The only one who
Could sing and play,
Was the one who
Gave the crown away.

He gave it to the
singing drummer.
And that mistake could
Not have been dumber.

They first song was
Called “No Matter What.”
And it was good,
well somewhat.

The drummer was not
Pleased with the song.
He thought that the
Whole thing was wrong.

He wanted to make a
Song about his girl.
He was going to name
The song “Pearl.”

The song was great and
Could not have gone better.
Until the band got a
Nasty hate letter.

It said that they should
Stop the band.
And that they were
Getting out of hand.

They had no copyright
So they best song was stolen.
And most of their dreams
And chances were swollen.

So the band got a agent
Who handled everything.
He could handle almost
anything but he couldn't sing.

They ended up having
No one in charge.
Because the missteps
were so very large.

The agent got them
Into the station.
To be heard from
Every nation.

There new songs
Were big hits.
And they made very
Good benefits.

There most popular
Song was the very first.
The one the drummer said
Was the worst.

The agent collected
All the money they got.
And they wanted to get
There music in a shop.

The band made new hits
and close hits too.
And now the new band
It not very new.
2021 Jack


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