Bayonet Buddies

by CJ Maleney   May 17, 2021

How are you feeling my friend?
For I see that you are bleeding.
I guess I caught you once or twice,
You have reiterated this feeling.

I think you got my kidney,
And I may have punctured your lung.
The evil that men will do to one and other!
When we have no bullets left for guns.

I'm starting to slip away now,
So perhaps you can speak your name?
Oh your time is out and you moved on,
And I'm the one to blame.

Pretty sure I'll see you soon.
For my body has nothing left to give,
But a fleeting sense of sorrow,
For we both deserved to live.

I suppose that we are free now?
Despite the horrors of our acts!
When we answered that call to arms,
We did not know the facts.

So as I take my final breath,
I will utter for you a little prayer.
In the hope that you are in heaven,
And perhaps I'll see you there.


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