The Race

by Marc Ortiz   Jul 8, 2021

Life is a race and everyday is a lap
And we are the drivers of our fate.
From the moment we open our eyes
Until we draw in our last breath.

The race track is not a linear straightforward path,
Sometimes the road is bumpy, wretched and hard.
There are a few unlucky drivers who goes out of bounds
And sadly, they prematurely forfeit the race.

Life is a race and everyday is a lap
When we lose our balance and our wheels are torn.
There are people at the pit stop; who will do their best
to ensure that we can continue our race.

Life is a race and everyday is a lap
The people who drive fast will lift the trophy
And the people who are playing safe,
Will eventually follow their lead.

But the reality of life is not about winning or losing,
Everyone goes on with their life at a different pace.
When you cross the end of the race,
draw in your last breath and smile.

Because whatever position you get,
You are lucky to be able to reach the end.


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  • 2 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    I loved the race comparison to life in this. Full of colourful imagery I almost felt like I could smell the burning of tyre rubber. Sometimes life can feel exactly like that. Milly x