The Climb

by Marc Ortiz   Jul 10, 2021

Climbing a mountain was such a wonderful feeling,
The view was so majestic yet also scary.
It was such a humbling experience,
Because it reminded me of what life is.

Climbing to the top represents life,
The path was not linear and easy.
I had to focus on every step and breath,
Because It was brutal, challenging and harsh.

In life some people will easily reach the peak
And others will stumble and lose their strength.
Unfortunately, I did not reached the highest point
But my friends who cheered me on melted my heart.

Because it reminded me of the true purpose in life.
I was too focused on reaching my ambitions,
And I lost sight of the important part of life.
Someday when I reach the summit,

I will cherish the beautiful scenery,
with my love ones.


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  • 2 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    A lovely journey of self discovery. Sharing the mountain climb with an important message that no matter what our ambitions the most important thing is to share our experiences with our loved ones. A very pleasant read. Milly x