The Choice

by Marc Ortiz   Jul 18, 2021

If you can have one power in your life
what would you choose?

The power to be able to rewrite my past life,
Sounds so magical and fascinating.
Even if life would give me a million keys,
I would be able to choose the correct door.

I would be able to fix everything in the past,
Do the choices that I was not able to do.
Fate would not have been able to separate me,
and the people I have drifted away with.

Everyday in life would be a paradise,
Everyday will feel like a holiday in summer.
Everyday is a firework celebration
Everyday will feel like I am over the moon.

But I realised that if I were to rewrite my story perfectly,
I would be a different person I am today.
Because I would not have crossed paths,
With these amazing people in my life today.

Looking back, if I chose the correct key.
Life would lose its magic and spark eventually.
Because I would have been stuck in a dark maze,
And no one to enlighten me to the correct path.

My life now is imperfect in every way possible,
But I am where I am supposed to be.
There is no need to question destiny
Because it has precisely drafted

The perfect last chapter in my life.


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  • 2 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    A thought provoking piece that takes the reader through the rationale that we are who we are because of the choices made and life lived. Something I wholeheartedly agree with. Milly x