Killing Me Slowly

by Stephanie   Sep 8, 2021

Killing me slowly
I don’t regret what I did
All I gave was love and hope
Even if you threw it away
So quick to throw it away
It didn’t matter to you what I had to say,
You pushed me away anyways

Words on deaf ears
I couldn’t get through to you
Silence in the air so thick,
It fogs up my brain
And you left me on the driveway,
To deal with the pain

You said just a moment in time,
We had our moment,
Seized opportunity
If that true, then why am I stuck in rewind,
While you move on ahead?
Nothing to be said

Although you are still with me,
Nothing makes sense anymore
Normal talk becomes abnormal chatter
Syllables with no meaning
At least not to me

No decent closure is its own place in hell
A heart broken open with an empty shell
Hoping one day love will break through,
Even if it’s not with you

Until then you’re killing me slowly
Every moment where we ignore the moment
Leads us straight to the grave of what could have been,
Should have been,
But it is not


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  • 2 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Lots of well-penned emotion in this, and I think this speaks volumes about what not having a complete sense of closure can entail. Where we play back everything in our minds and wonder what could have been, or if we should have done something else. We try to make sense of it all, and you portray this almost in-between time of waiting, of being stuck trying to merely exist, holding on for a change, or as you wrote, for love to break through. I related to this especially in the sense of giving love, pouring it out, opening yourself up to someone, and having them not listen or perhaps appreciate the parts of you that are trying. It made me think when someone doesn't reciprocate that love back or doesn't know how to communicate and make the effort in return.

    Thanks for sharing.