Ask Me When I'm Drunk

by CJ Maleney   Sep 30, 2021

Not often I get to let my hair down,
But then I ain't got much to touch.
I do enjoy a beer though,
And sometimes drink to much.

I don't start falling over and stuff,
I get daft and dance around.
My sense of humour unleashed,
A drunken dancing clown.

But sometimes it's bitten me in the ass,
Because my kids have learned a thing.
Ask of dad anything when tiddly,
As the bell of doom won't ring.

It's cost me a fortune over the years,
For junk and some pretty stupid stuff
But they know I'll agree to anything
Because when drunk I ain't so tough.

My latest drunk compliant act,
Caused by words from my daughter
"Yeah I'll go do that with you"
Dumb words pouring out like water.

So we're going to see a band in Manchester,
Never heard of them before I think.
But I rather like my beer filled brain this time,
Because we are off to Mono Inc.


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  • 8 months ago

    by CJ Maleney

    Woke up next morning not knowing who the band were and never heard a song by them. Don't know what I was expecting but as a rock child this is right up my street

    They are based in Germany hence you won't hear on radio over here but deffo worth checking out.