Run and hide

by CJ Maleney   Jan 25, 2022

I am the fear that you created,
Caused simply by your acts.
I am the uncertainty, your worry and trepidation.

Because I calculate the facts.

Every little trick you played was preconceived you see.

Good at the games that you play?

No way back no way out

Now you have lost your way.

Every word typed or deleted?
Every word when out of my earshot?
My eyes may be weakened now,
but my ears are bloody not!

I heard the words exchanged.
Behind a solid oaken door.
People's ears cease to hear sometimes,
but mine were trained for something more.

Every twitch of an eye or a lip.
An expression that seems out of place!
I know that you are lying to me so easily,
Just by looking at your face!

My issue is your diversion,
For you are scared of what you have done.
I welcomed you with open arms
Treated like a brother, daughter or son.

My issue is you broke my trust.
And I am a long way from a saint.
But what you have done cannot be forgiven,
And you don't do that to a mate!

Guessing I now flick back to my old self
Where no person i can trust.
Just the bubbling of that aggression
When you must do what you must

So yes I will be that fear inside your head.
I will the bell that tolls but does not ring.
I am the uncertainty of your future right now.

And you should worry.



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