by CJ Maleney   Feb 2, 2022

Have you ever truly been alone?
In a place where no one cares?
In a place where you only have yourself?
With no hugs waiting down the stairs?

Have you spent all your life drifting?
From foreign land to foreign land?
Have you questioned your existence?
Have you thought your soul is damned?

Have you taken up a challenge?
Perhaps a little win a little score?
Got off your butt and did somethings?
That would make you so much more?

When you haven't seen friends for a while,
do you laugh? Perhaps shed some tears?
Many of mine have died by now,
some I have not seen for years!

Have you been away for many years?
Have you thought? "I just want to be home".

"When you miss your loved ones as much as I"

This is what it's like to be alone!


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  • 1 year ago

    by Ali Maleney

    Always here at the end of the phone whenever loneliness takes you and I can guarantee hugs will always be waiting x