Trampers (a truckers poem, aka lonely)

by CJ Maleney   Feb 7, 2022

The alarm sounds at stupid o'clock again!
My dog begins to howl and cry!
I curl into my love so tightly,
because I hate to say goodbye.

I know I'm not going away for months,
but I do not want to leave.
So I slide out of my comfort zone so quietly,
and know that my heart does grieve.

I've done this now for so long now.
You would think that I would adjust?
This is what I do to make us comfortable,
and I guess it's what I must.

Yet it will not be forever. As I've expressed.
Though I've been away right from the start,
but be true, hold fast, be patient.
For all of you do own this heart.

I try to be a rock for all of you!
Yet sometimes my opinion will not sit!
Perhaps I'm somewhat old and stubborn,
and losing it a bit.

Sometimes I feel neglected and lost,
but mostly I feel alone!
However, it's the little bits of all of you
that keep pulling me back home.

For that is where my heat belongs.
Though I doubt that some can even see?
Yet every fibre of my existence!


"This is where I need and want to be"


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