by Obscure   Mar 24, 2022

I'll hold you like the stars
Hold the moon in space
Though they are apart
Each knows the other's place

Hold you like the sea
Holds stars upon the waves
Like hidden passageways
Hold secrets in their caves

Hold you like the stars
Even as they fade
Hold you like the moon
Holds the dreamer's gaze

Hold you like the feathers
That keep a bird afloat
Like a shipwrecked passenger
Holds onto a boat

Hold you like a flower
Holds a drop of dew
Even for an hour
At least it's time with you

Hold you like the clouds
Hold raindrops for a moment
And though I fear the fall
This was a grand postponement

Hold you in my memory
Cause I'm scared that you'll go
Hold you like the mountain
Holds the falling snow

I'll hold you like my hand's
A promise that I'm making
I'll stay here for a while
And keep you safe from breaking

I'll hold you

-© Obscure 2022


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  • 1 year ago

    by Kate

    I am so happy to see this won!

    There is something very sweet and delicate about this and I love every single thing about it. There’s a soft sadness to it that pulls at my heart. It was an instant favorite the first time I read it and I’ll read it a thousand times more.


    • 1 year ago

      by Obscure

      I'm so incredibly glad to hear that you liked it! Thank you for such an encouraging comment!

  • 1 year ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    This is a perfect example, in my opinion, of when repetition works well, without making the piece dull or dragging it out unnecessarily. The whole piece brings comfort, and the realization of a bond between the two of you, that even if you were apart, you will still be there for support. You will have their memory and presence to guide you. You will recognize their worth. There's a gentleness in this, in a promise you will be there for someone, even when life seems too difficult to navigate. The images and similes throughout made me smile. This almost read like a lullaby to me too, and the rhymes contributed to the ease I felt reading. I also interpreted it as possibly going through a grieving process, holding them close in your memory to protect them, if that makes sense. Especially if they have been forgotten, or if everyone else's memory of them is skewed or biased in some way. You remember and hold their true self close.

    Congrats on the win, Obscure!

    • 1 year ago

      by Obscure

      Hearing that you enjoyed the poem is so incredibly encouraging, thank you for the comment!

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