Beware of Their Call

by Dino   Jan 15, 2023

The banshee's wail, the siren's song,
Two creatures of the otherworld, so strong.
Their beauty and power, hard to ignore,
But those who hear them, soon deplore.

The banshee sings of death, so dire,
A harbinger of fate, most dire.
Her tears and sorrow, a haunting sound,
For those who hear it, death surrounds.

The siren's voice, a sweet refrain,
Luring sailors, to a watery bane.
With music and magic, she calls them near,
And into the sea, they disappear.

But brave and wise, will not be swayed,
By these creatures, and their deadly trade.
For they know the truth, of these deadly foes,
And the fate that awaits, those who chose.

So heed this warning, stay away,
For these creatures, will lead you astray.
And if fate should bring you to their shore,
Remember this, and forevermore.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 week ago

    by (Linda)

    I love this. One way or another the infective allure can take you even if you think you can handle it. Lesson learned & accepted. I love the stanza setup & rhyming scheme. In my mind it read as the voice of an ageless wise spirit.

    • 1 week ago

      by Dino

      Thank You!