Random -

by Everlasting   Apr 9, 2023

Ah, thunder strikes again
All that remains are ashes

Will winds come back to reignite them?

I was a tree, with foliage green
Tough times dried me up
a single strike of thunder and


Fire. Burning my entire being
Fire. Making me one with the ground
turning me into some type fertilizer

Yet no flower has yet to grow from me

It takes time

It takes a seed or two to be planted

Oh well,

will see

might see

who knows

Not me and that’s for sure


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  • 1 year ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    I love the spirit in this and the continuing question of what will grow from the ashes - what will grow from us. Striking imagery in this that is also quite self-reflective! Will the burning be good for us, giving us time to live anew? Or will the burning be only a reminder of what we have lost? Enjoyed this one, Luce!

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