The Weeping Willow

by Synful   May 16, 2023

There once was an extravagant tree
Strong and tall with
Brilliant colors amongst her leaves -
And adorning her trunk, a dress of moss did cling.

Her branches danced as the wind sang,
Housing birds that chirped sweet nothings so softly;
Then, there came a fateful day
When the beautiful tree lost her vitality.

Her bark hardened,
Her leaves fell,
Her essence darkened
In her heart, hatred now dwelled.

The grass at her base no longer grew,
No rays of golden sunlight cradled her frame
And as the trees around her faded slowly from view,
She felt utterly alone and full of shame.

Her soul attempted to escape her shell
By seeping into the soil below,
But, alas, her efforts could not quell
The consuming emptiness and woe.

Now there is but one question that screams
Out amongst the silence as she leans -

What happens when
That somber tree falls,
And there's no longer a presence
To hear her pleaful call?


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  • 11 months ago

    by Maher

    That is a very good question on many levels.

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