The fading

by Star   Jul 6, 2023

What was it that you said, when
we both felt the ashes on our faces
before we even smelt the smoke?

I can only remember the wave of
darkness that fell upon us when we
heard her weep under a fallen tree.

Nostalgia swirled up to the sky, while
the fire was devouring her insides,
her wound is only growing deeper.

Why can’t I remember your words?

Was it the dreamlike existence,

or the stillness of the moment?

His tears upon her were parched,
soul caved within the hushed night,
he watched her fade into a cloud.

The lost scent of the burning
emerald green finally hugs us,
your light slowly dim,
yet you keep a smile.

*Started this for Poet on the Piano prompt “ashes in the sky” on the main boards.


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