Are You Blind?

by Annie   Oct 18, 2004

If you stare into my eyes,
What do you see?
Are you blind,
Like all the others
Who make the mistake of assuming that
They know what's going on?
Or do you see into my heart-
A heart filled with
Love and pain, joy and sadness?
Do you see that and
Realize that you were the one causing it all?
Is there something that
Stirs deep inside you-
Something that says
"You can't do this. I love you."?
But as I stare straight at you,
And I watch as you
Attempt to hold my gaze,
I realize that
No matter how much I hope,
Or no matter how much I wish you cared,
That nothing stirs inside you.
Nothing says, "I love you."
So I take my eyes off you
And walk away.


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