Time goes by

by Chloe   Nov 10, 2004

Sitting by the waterside, wind blowing through my hair,
a crimson tear is blown away, by the cold November air.
My hopes have crashed and my world has burst,
darkness is waiting, for death; I thirst.

I gaze through the fog, and throw a stone in the water,
this is my living hell, a painful slaughter.
They ask what's hurting me, what makes me fall,
they don't know that they're causing it all.

They think I'm so strong, that I can get through,
but they don't know me; if only they knew...
They don't seem to know they took my life,
the day they took me from my knife.

I look at my wrists, at the marks; I gaze,
these are the scars that time will not erase.
The pain won't go away, I know it, never,
the memories will be there - they'll haunt me forever.

My one true love, was destined to die,
and the day he disappeared, so did I.
I started to cut, yet I knew it was a sin,
but everything had crashed; my heart went with him.

Those were supposed to be the best days of my life,
but they weren't, for my only friend was the knife.
Time has gone by, but my pain will not decrease,
for the 'best days of my life' are just painful memories.

Dedicated to: Sue.
'Don't let your life pass away, right before your eyes'



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  • another great poem! keep up the good work! i agree with everyone when they say how great it is! happy thanksgiving!

  • 16 years ago

    by courtney

    wow... that was fantastic. sad but very well done

  • 16 years ago

    by TwistedBeauty87

    Wow...Excellent Poem:D...
    Keep it up... 5/5...
    ~!~Luv Sedusha~!~

  • 16 years ago

    by spunk

    oh my god, that was amazing!!! i love it. i, my self enjoy reading and writing dpressing poems, and yours i must say is one of the best yet, i love it keep it up, check out mine!!!

  • 16 years ago

    by jamie25

    i have to agree with everyone ,...all i can say is WOW! you have an amazing talent! keep up the good work!