Do You Ever?

by teresa   Dec 11, 2004

Do you ever find yourself
Hiding behind a sharp silver blade?

Do you ever punish yourself
For all the mistakes you've made?

Do you ever want to die
Just to get rid of all the hurt?

Do you ever wish you could go through just one day
Without feeling like dirt?

Do you ever go to sleep
Hoping never to awake?

Do you ever just want to scream
There’s not much more I can take?

Do you ever break down
And just start to cry?

Do you ever pray to God
Please just let me die?

Do you ever find it hard
To even FAKE a smile?

Do you ever feel
That you whole life is on trail?

Do you ever sit and wonder
How you life got this way?

Do you ever sit in silence
Not knowing what to say?

Do you ever wanna run
Just run away and never come back?

Do you ever try and make up
For what you think you lack?

Do you ever look into your best friends eyes
Knowing they want to die?

Do you ever want to hide
Just hide from all the lies?

Do you ever feel like this
Where you just feel like dying?

Do you ever all of a sudden
Just feel like crying?

This is how I live
Day in and day out.

Now you can see
What my life's all about.

So now u see and now you know
My life is hell, just let it go.


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  • 19 years ago

    by kid

    hey if u hate your life i love it. I think you should write more kuz i most definetly fell in love with it. Thanks for the poem uplift!
    -Christian Hard Rocker AKA Ana