WeLcOmE tO mY lIfE

by teresa   Jan 20, 2005

Hello everybody
Welcome to my life
I’m the girl that gets made fun of
Because once I turned to the knife
Now I act happy
Just so people won’t complain
But when imp home and imp alone
I cry over all my pain
I swear vie cried so many rivers
Lakes and oceans too
No one really knows or understands
Anything that I do
My heart is worn thin
With all the beatings it’s taken
But if I told my feelings to anyone
They would leave and be too shaken
No one really tries anyway
To look beyond my outer lair
They just want me to be happy
So they believe the lies
Or just don’t care
I wish I had someone to talk to
Or at least someone to listen
'cause my head is filled with covered up pain
No longer do my eyes glisten
I am trapped within myself
With no where to run
I can’t help but want to leave this earth
So I turn to the gun
I really don’t want to do this
But there seems no other way
So I send the bullet through my head
Live the last second of my dying day
So next time you see someone
Who looks happy and content
Who looks like they have the perfect life?
Next time you see someone
Who you think doesn’t know strife
Take the time to look beyond
What they show on the outside
Because everyone has the good times and the bad
So take the time to look inside someone else’s head
To find out what makes them sad
Because if you just take a minute
To look in someone’s head
Then they might not end up like me
They might not end up dead


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Latest Comments

  • 18 years ago

    by Knoxy

    Wow!! This is really awesome, and thatz so true that ppl should look on the inside, and not alwayz think their life is perfect...great job!! i really like the lesson it gave...it made me think...take care, and keep on writing..
    ~Luv Alwayz Knoxy

  • 18 years ago

    by Kalika

    that was amazing, extremely emotional, and i completely relate. I'm usually on if you need someone to talk too (i realize you don't know me, but sometimes that makes it easier)