But I've Been Abused

by Unwanted Lamia   Apr 12, 2005

I've never been abused
by a kick or a punch
Sure I've played games
that I've been hurt in
Baseball, Basketball
or just horsing around

I've never been abused
by a friend or a family member
Sure I've been hurt
punched in the stomach
tripped here and there
My father never hit me
My sister did once
My friends do a lot, because
we're playing around.
But I still love them,
with all of my heart.

But I've been abused,
not with a kick or a punch
like we hear about everyday
I've been abused through harsh
language, and name calling.
I've run away crying.
I've never broken a bone,
or sprained an ankle,
but there are still wounds
that will fester forever.
These wounds are as follows:
a broken heart, and a ripped pride
a confidence twister, a befuddled mind.
ignorance and ostracism
these are what happened in
school and everywhere else.
Some have committed suicide
many have died.
Befriend them, not turn away
You will find they have many things to say.



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