The Last Poem She Wrote

by Amit   Apr 29, 2005

In a little home, all alone; there once lived a girl,
beautiful, five feet seven, her hairs had lovely curls.
She loved a guy, more than she ever loved her life,
and waited for the day to be recognized as his wife.

She treated him like a gift sent from heavens above,
& often said, he taught her the real meaning of love.
She longed to be in his arms and hold onto his hand,
he was everything to her - a lover and a best friend.

He also loved that girl from the bottom of his heart,
he had a strong belief, that none can do them part.
Only obstacle he had was, he was too far from her,
maybe 530 miles, I'm unsure what the numbers were.

At times she talked to him about one of her friends,
said he's the one on whom she can always depend.
He asked her, "Oh! Well, then who am I to you???"
She replied "You've made my dreams come true.

You're the one whom I think of all day and night,
you've filled my life with the happiness and delight.
Whenever I close my eyes, It's only you that I see,
I love you more than my life, you're everything to me."

It was her best friend, the girl often talked about,
Something's going on, now the guy started to doubt.
At times, he was like a glass with anger filled upto brim,
He thought an affair was going on between her & him.

At times he thought how much she speaks is true,
he wanted her to prove when she said "I love you."
he often asked, "why don't you value what you say?"
and she always replied, "why do you feel that way?"

The distance between them had made a serious effect,
and soon, like the start, nothing was now perfect.
The girl's effort to stay with him didn't last too long,
lovely melody of her life turned into a monotonous song.

With thoughts of doubt each and every passing day,
their trust was breaking & their love was fading away.
Time went on slowly and nothing seemed to be fine,
doubts in the guy's mind kept showing their shine.

She missed him, and her nights were passing in a cry,
She sent him many letters but he didn't send any reply.
No words can explain, the pain she was going through,
She didn't know how to talk to him or what else to do.

She talked with one of his friend & asked him number,
but he wasn't interested to talk and kept ignoring her.
poor she! tried to search for him in things all around,
and at the time she needed him, he was never found.

He never showed his concern for her or ever cared.
The pain she was living in couldn't be compared.
The girl was really hurt and she commited suicide,
The news next day read, "A girl, 20, yesterday died"

In a room locked from inside, her body was found,
stained in blood next to the bed, lying upon the ground.
In her left hand, she was holding her suicide note,
upon the letter, there was the last poem she wrote:

"When you'll read this, I would not be here with you,
but this doesn't mean, that my love was never true,
Who was that guy, Honey? He was nothing to me,
and you were my life, I just wish you could see...

"I will love you for an eternity.", was your promise.
but you did not trust my love for you and I hate this.
You have now broken the promises you once made,
So I am going far away by a cut with this blade.

I loved you with all my heart and I will forever do,
but what's the purpose of living, if I'm not with you.
Maybe I wasn't your girl or you were unable to see,
that you were my life, you meant everything to me.

With one last wish, that I could once see your face,
I'm going to heavens above, in the God's embrace.
Remember, no one can love you the way I loved you,
every word of promise I said, was cent percent true.

This is my last present to you, for what you've done,
I am going to a place, from where I will never return.
As you'll read this, and I'm in the heavens up above,
maybe then you'll realize the thing called true love."

It was not supposed to end in this way, with a weep,
now she's laying in the grave, forever in deep sleep.
See, the doubts for sure, can cause a relation's death,
so don't ever let doubts take away your last breath.

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  • 9 years ago

    by sera

    I almost cry, great poem btw!

  • 10 years ago

    by Rachael

    The overall message of this poem is one that we see in life far too much...our own insecurities make us doubt the intentions of the ones we care about, in turn only hurting ourselves more....very nicely written and the message is conveyed well. Great job, keep it up!

  • 10 years ago

    by Malachi


  • 10 years ago

    by Malachi


  • 10 years ago

    by Malachi


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